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HLS Vivid Vision

Creating a Vivid Vision brings the future into the present so everyone has clarity on what we’re building now. This is why we have prepared a ‘2024 HLS Vivid Vision’. It’s a detailed overview of what HLS will look like, act like and feel like three years out from now. And sharing it with others helps it become a reality!

Snapshot It is

It is 1st July 2024. Compared to three years ago, the healthcare industry landscape is markedly different because of what HLS has achieved. Our customer-immersed approach has disrupted the industry so much that we are now seen as Australia’s #1 health equipment solutions company. By first seeking to truly understand the problems our customers face, we can educate the market and provide them with peace of mind. HLS has raised the standards for incredible customer relationships in the healthcare space. Here’s how..

Our Core Values

At HLS, we are H.I.P.P (Honesty, Integrity, People and Passion) and live these values everyday. As a business, we follow these principles:

Passionate Honesty
We speak from the heart and always strive to tell it like we see it.

Authentic Transparency
We are transparent with our interactions and act with the highest integrity.

Possibility Mindset
We challenge what is possible and are always looking for opportunities that don’t yet exist.

Customer-Immersed Everything we say or do is in the best interests of the customer.

People & Solutions Before Profit Our focus is on creating win-win-win outcomes for our people, products and customers.

Our Team

Our team are eternal optimists who always look for opportunities to make a positive contribution. We strive to exceed customer expectations and have the ability to identify customer requirements before they are articulated. We live and act with a strong sense of purpose. The team’s drive to meet its commercial obligations allows us to impact more lives.

We now have 60 staff. Everyone knows where we are going and how we help contribute due to real-time scoreboards placed throughout the office. We have ongoing pathways for staff that keep everyone inspired and focused on achieving outstanding results.

We have a core team of outstanding staff across all facets of the business, including operations, sales, service, quality and safety, marketing, training and consulting, and IT support.

Our HLS Concierge team is a game-changer. Their focus on enhancing each customer’s journey allows us to set new benchmarks for outstanding customer service. This includes training, support, education and engaging customers in ‘HLS Family’ event days to offer even more value.

“Our customer-immersed approach has disrupted the industry so much that we are now seen as Australia’s #1 health equipment solutions company“

Our Customers

We attract customers who share our ‘from the heart values’. They rave about how customer-obsessed we are and appreciate the value and ROI we bring to their business. Together, we are aligned in our mission to impact more lives for all Australians. This includes our ‘kaizen’ approach of always finding Better Ways to Care, Work, Love and Live!

Our customers sign 10-year contracts as a minimum. These long-term arrangements allow for a more comprehensive,value-packed relationship, including regular education and training sessions to maximise return on investment. This gives all parties fantastic satisfaction.

Products & Services

We are proud to continue advancing the healthcare industry by sourcing and stocking Australia’s most highly rated equipment and furniture solutions. Our team’s ability to ‘always think next’ allows us to harness new technology and create opportunities that our clients are delighted to receive. As an organisation that has always strived to be ahead of the pack, we are the first healthcare provider to adopt blockchain technology to work with our clients.

Our fresh thinking and willingness to embrace the ‘Internet Of Things’ and the ‘Internet of Everything’ allow us to provide outstanding solutions. Our customers rave about our approach to both meet their needs and anticipate demand through our products
and services.

HLS Vision 2 scaled Vivid Vision

Sales & Marketing

Our marketing is exceptionally well organised. We use it to educate and inform prospects before they engage with our sales team. HLS is now positioned as the nation’s leader in safe people handling, improved working conditions and providing the highest standards of care. Our seminars and workshops are always sold out well in advance and attended by our ideal customers. They say things like, ‘I can’t wait until the next event!’ and often bring their colleagues.

Our sales team are the envy of the industry because of our empathetic yet solution-focused approach. Our ethos of People and Solutions Before Profit allows our salespeople to achieve incredible commercial results. Clients see them as consummate professionals.

Our Office

Our head office is in a modern, professional development in Melbourne’s south-east. It is an energetic, buzzing environment, full of purpose-driven people passionate about their roles. The environment has plenty of natural light and pods for collaboration, including the ‘HLS Inspiration Space’ where motivational quotes and inspirational achievements by our team adorn the walls. Our big showrooms are the perfect way to build relationships with customers while showcasing our products and technology.

Customers tell us they love visiting. Our office holds industry-leading think tanks and seminars, with world-renowned speakers regularly flying in to attend.

The ‘HLS Cafe’ is set up onsite in our Victorian office. It acts as a central hub for our community, clients and colleagues to connect, meet or relax while enjoying free barista-made coffee. The HLS Cafe is such a success that members of the public also visit it. We already have plans to replicate it in other states.


Our new charity, the ‘HLS Foundation’, is making an incredible impact in giving back to the healthcare industry. Its ethos of bringing the industry together to impact lives is a hit with our community. We hold fundraising activities such as golf days and have an annual events calendar planned out well in advance.


We reached $20M in revenue in 2024 and are on track for $23M in 2025. We reinvest a substantial proportion of this back into our team, technology and organisation to continue growing our footprint with the aim of impacting an even greater number of lives in the future.

Media and Impact

Our unique approach and message is spreading like wildfire. We are often called on as consultants by health departments, government and healthcare industry bodies to assist with increasing quality outcomes and so they can learn about our customer-immersed
solutions. Media speak to us regularly about our views on the future of healthcare in Australia and how patient equipment can positively impact more lives.

9.3 M


10 M


11 M


15 M


20 M


HLS Vision 3 Vivid Vision
HLS Vision 4 Vivid Vision

The final word from our CEO

HLS Vision 5 1600x1572 Vivid Vision

We believe we are in business for freedom and to have the opportunity to impact lives.

Every morning, we wake up experiencing true clarity in our mission and purpose: creating a world that helps everyone experience better ways of living. This includes the 12-year-old girl being able to choose what she wants to wear for the day. The wife who is now able to take her
husband out of a care facility that is not providing him care in accordance with his preferences. And making the final stages of a person’s life easier on them and their family.

We are also changing how our industry treats relationships between suppliers and customers.

We continue to be passionate about building a special company that is focused on people, where everyone is empowered to live their best life.

And together, we can make this vision a reality.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible, dynamic journey.


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