What Are Platform Lifts, and What Are Their Benefits? | HLS

Many people with mobility issues require elevators and stairlifts, rather than escalators and stairs to help them get around. Today, there are three main types of equipment that can help people with disabilities to enjoy their independence, these are stairlifts, elevators, and platform lifts.

Often, consumers know plenty about the first two options. Elevators are the reliable and sleek solutions commonly used in apartment blocks and high-rise offices, while stairlifts are commonly seen in care homes and disability support environments. However, the lesser-known middle ground is the platform lift, and here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about it.

What is a Platform Lift?

In simple terms, a platform lift is a solution that offers elderly individuals and those with disabilities the comfort and convenience of an elevator. These solutions can be used on multiple floors. Unlike the majority of stairlifts, where staff assistance may be needed for safe operation, platform lifts allow for greater independence, because the controls are available within the lift itself.

Platform lifts are a great way to ensure that wheelchair users can get to their required destination with simplicity and dignity.

lifting What Are Platform Lifts, and What Are Their Benefits? | HLS

Lifting Platform LP8

The Versatility of the Platform Lift

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits that platform lifts have to offer, is the fact that they’re so versatile. These lifts can be used both indoors and outdoors, and some can be designed specifically for a home or care environment. In certain circumstances, if you have the right resources, you’ll be able to have a platform lift specifically created for use within vertical and inclined spaces.

Ultimately, platform lifts can be one of the most cost-efficient and convenient ways for people in care home environments to ensure that their residents have a comfortable solution they need to move up and downstairs. They’re far more accessible than a standard elevator, particularly for companies that have a limited budget, yet they offer the same degree of convenience and security for those who rely on a wheelchair to get around.

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Stepless Lifting Platform

Options for Various Industries

The versatility and simplicity of platform lifts, combined with their lower price point, has meant that more companies and organisations across Australia are beginning to invest in this option over the typical stair lift or hoist. Although hoists and stairlifts can still be incredibly useful in the right circumstances – a platform lift can give people with mobility issues all the options they need for enjoying a full range of freedom within their home, or a public location.

In fact, today, schools, businesses, and even healthcare companies are installing platform lifts into their properties.

Although these specific kinds of lift won’t be right for every situation, they’re yet another technological advancement that could potentially make life easier for people who would otherwise have trouble getting around with typical solutions like ramps or stairs.

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