What Do You Need To Know About Ceiling Hoists?

Ceiling Hoist Solutions for the Disabled: Everything You Need to Know

Ceiling hoists are unique in their ability to provide carers, nurses and end-users alike with a range of advantages and conveniences in any care setting. Whether you’re looking after a disabled or elderly individual at home, or you’re searching for a way to improve the security and comfort of your care facility, it’s important to make sure that you choose the right hoisting solutions.

Hoists are a key factor in any consideration of vital equipment for a healthcare or residential environment. For those with limited mobility, hoists can offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can conveniently move from one room to another around the home. Additionally, hoists can help care providers to move individuals from their bed to their wheelchair, bath, and more.

gh1 q ceiling hoist What Do You Need To Know About Ceiling Hoists?

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of ceiling track hoists – permanent fixtures that are applied within a home or facility to ensure constant access to hoisting facilities.

1.     It’s Convenient

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a ceiling track hoist is its clear level of convenience. Ceiling track hoists are quick, simpler and easy to use. They’re never in the way, which means fewer risks of trips and falls within a home or care environment. What’s more, because they’re constantly available, they’re much easier for caregivers to access and use at a moment’s notice.

Ceiling hoists can easily become a natural part of a person’s life when they’re handling the struggles of mobility issues.

2.     It’s Simple

Positioning an individual can be much easier when you’re using a ceiling track hoist, than if you were using a mobile or standard hoist. Ceiling hoists are designed not only to offer comfort to the end-user but also reduce the risk of injury for caregivers when those individuals are performing transfer procedures. These pieces of equipment require minimum effort for operation, and in most cases, they can be managed by a single person. There’s also much closer contact between users and caregivers, which means that the movement can be more dignified for the end-user.

With a ceiling hoist, the hoisting equipment can easily work to lower, turn, and transfer an individual with almost no physical effort to the caregiver.  That means a reduced chance of injury for everyone involved.

gh1 f ceiling hoist What Do You Need To Know About Ceiling Hoists?

3.     It’s Space-Saving

Not only can ceiling hoists often offer a greater level of strength than a mobile hoist, because of its convenient positioning, but it’s great for places that have limited space requirements. Ceiling hoists take up absolutely no floor space, which means they’re perfect for restricted areas like bathrooms and toilets.

In most cases, the simple systems offered here at HLS Healthcare can be fitted within a matter of hours, and we even offer ongoing maintenance for your equipment too, so you can ensure the longevity of your tools, as well as the safety of your residents and carers.

4.     It’s Well-Received by End Users

Unlike other moving and handling solutions that can be a little worrisome for end-users, ceiling track hoists are regularly well-received. Ceiling hoists are secured using the highest possible standards, which means that the chances of sudden movement are minimised. Additionally, some solutions come with soft start features, which means that the hoist eliminates jerking by gradually building up to its full speed.

Because ceiling track hoists only require the hand-held operation of a controller, the care provider in these situations is left with all the freedom that they might need to help the client at all times.

5.     It Provides Better Quality of Life

Last, but perhaps most importantly, ceiling track hoists are major contributors to quality of life, and can often help a person to remain in their homes, or return to their most comfortable environment, in cases where hospitalisation would otherwise be necessary. In some cases, a ceiling track hoist can even offer independence to the end-user.

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