What is an Elsi Smart Floor and What Are Its Benefits?

It seems like technology is taking entire industries to new heights every single day, and nowhere else is this the case than in managed healthcare. New methods of tracking and monitoring patients have resulted in reduced costs, better response times to falling incidents, and more efficient care facility operations overall.

The pace of change within information technology in particular is remarkably fast. With all of the innovation seen in the IT and computing sectors, it’s no wonder that a product like the Elsi Smart Floor has finally come to market. But what exactly is a smart floor, and how does it improve the operations of clinics, hospitals, and hospices?

ELSI Mobile and remote solution 3D image 2 FRA RGB 800x555 What is an Elsi Smart Floor and What Are Its Benefits?

The Elsi Smart Floor – An Overview

Simply put, the Elsi Smart Floor is an integrated system of sensors and connected hardware that work together to track and monitor disabled or elderly persons. The system can also be used to obtain status checks on those in need of 24/7 supervision due to other health-related reasons. Also, existing patient monitoring systems already in place can be integrated with the smart floor, combining to provide total transparency into the location and status of any given patient.

What makes the Elsi Smart Floor unique is its suite of advanced technological features, including:

  • Pressure-sensitive flooring triggers electronic alarms to remote devices. When caregivers are able to respond to falling incidents and other critical situations, they can do so sooner thanks to immediate alerts that are presented on the devices they’re already used to using.
  • Spatial recognition sensors use artificial intelligence algorithms to eliminate false alarms. Has the patient fallen down in the bathroom, or is there simply a dog that has wandered in? The eLea system – a component of the overall smart floor solution – can detect the difference between a patient being on the floor and a dog being in the room. Intelligent proximity technology makes this a reality.
  • Room entry and exit alarms notify caregivers if something isn’t right. If there’s no reason for a patient to be walking out onto the terrace at 3 am in the morning, then a control should be in place to alert a caregiver when this happens. With the Elsi Smart Floor, sensors and control data work together to give monitoring staff a complete picture of the whereabouts of the people they are responsible for overseeing.

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No other smart flooring system has the same ease of use, ease of installation, and interoperability with existing equipment like the Elsi Smart Floor. HLS Healthcare is proud to offer this unique system – complete with training and ongoing support – to healthcare providers throughout Australia.

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We’re confident that if you take the time to understand how this compelling advancement in healthcare can benefit your organization, you’ll want to take action and learn more. When you’re ready to inquire about the Elsi Smart Floor, we’re standing by to take your call. Call us directly on 1300 931 893.