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At HLS Healthcare we are provide a range of aids to be use to maximise efficiency, provide maximise comfort and dignity for the patent aswell as align with occupational health and safety procedures.

Care staff are increasingly encountering bariatric patients in all clinical contexts.

Bariatric patients can be treated on specially designed bariatric wards, or as an integral part of either general or specialist fields of care – in A&E departments, for example, on medical and maternity wards, or in operating theatres and nursing homes.

Dealing with bariatric patients features a variety of specific challenges when it is necessary to move, treat and care for them with dignity, respect and comfort. The physical condition and limitations of bariatric patients may limit their functional capabilities, which can cause problems in relation to everyday activities such as personal hygiene procedures, mobilisation and repositioning.

Common everyday duties in caring for bariatric patients:

  • Moves back and forth between bed and chair, chair and toilet, etc.
  • Moves between different lying positions
  • Repositioning in bed: from one side to the other, sitting up in bed
  • Repositioning in a wheelchair, armchair, or similar
  • Handling bariatric patients for procedures that require access to different body parts
  • Personal hygiene
  • Assistance with skin care/wound treatment

Safe and gentle

Using a ceiling hoist system and the Guldmann range of slings for bariatric people facilitates the performance of lifting, repositioning and hygiene procedures in a manner that is dignified and gentle for both patient and care staff.

The products are designed to provide optimal comfort and safety for bariatric patients. The bariatric aids in the Guldmann range have a lifting capacity of up to 375 kg – and one particular product can cope with lifts of as much as 500 kg.

bariatric care Bariatric CareCaregivers increasingly encounter persons of size in all clinical settings.

The need for bariatric patient care can occur in specialized bariatric units, such as Interventional Weight Loss Surgical Programs, or be integrated among general or critical care areas, including emergency departments, operating rooms, medical-surgical units, labor and delivery areas and long term care.

Care of bariatric patients presents challenges related to promotion of dignity, respect, and comfort. Patients’ medical conditions and physical limitations often limit their ability to function in such activities of daily living as hygiene, mobility, and positioning. How mobile the patient is will dictate the type and amount of assistance needed.

Adding more caregivers may not always control the risk of injury, and the use of SPH technology will be required to keep patients and caregivers safe and to promote quality of service.

Frequent Lifting & Handling Tasks

  • Transfer to and from bed/chair, chair/toilet, or chair/chair.
  • Lateral transfer to and from bed/stretcher/trolley.
  • Reposition in bed: side to side, up in bed.
  • Reposition in chair: wheelchair, chair or geriatric chair.
  • Patient handling tasks requiring access to body parts (limb, abdominal mass, gluteal area).
  • Transporting (stretcher).
  • Assistance with wound and skin care.

Bariatric Care Products

  • GH3 Ceiling Hoist
  • Horizontal Lifting Support
  • Limb Sling
  • Bariatric Sling

Products for bariatric care

The following are products we deem would greatly improve the operation of your Access & Emergency department

Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Systems

GH3 Twin

Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Systems


Guldmann Slings & Accessories

TENCEL Repositioning

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Mortuary straps

Guldmann Slings & Accessories


Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Lifting Vest for Standing Shell

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Sit-On Comfort Kids

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Sit-On Comfort High Kids

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Disposable Multi Support Sling

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Disposable Twin Turner II

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Disposable Leg Sling II

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Disposable Horizontal Sling

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