For hospitalised patients in all clinical contexts, it is essential to focus on the quality of personal hygiene

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At HLS Healthcare we are provide a range of aids to be use to maximise efficiency, provide maximise comfort and dignity for the patent aswell as align with occupational health and safety procedures.

For hospitalised patients in all clinical contexts, it is essential to focus on the quality of personal hygiene.

Maintaining good personal hygiene is important in relation not only to the general well-being of the patient but also in preventing skin issues or other complications during hospitalisation.

In the period up to discharge, there will inevitably be gaps between dependence and independence, where the patient may be at risk of falling and staff may have to deal with unintended incidents and/or work-related injuries.

Common care and hygiene tasks:

  • Moving patients to/from a wheelchair or bath/commode chair
  • Moves to/from the toilet
  • Lower body personal hygiene while lying in bed
  • Positioning a bedpan under bed-bound patients
  • Dressing and undressing
  • ADL assistance
  • Skin care and wound treatment

Use Welfare Technology to Facilitate Everyday Hygiene Tasks

In some cases, it can be challenging to help patients carry out personal hygiene tasks. Patients’ medical condition and limitations on their physical and/or motor capabilities may adversely affect their functional capacity to assist in everyday personal hygiene routines – and this may prove challenging with regard to maintaining both dignity and comfort.

Care staff who assist with personal hygiene tasks may be required to adopt awkward work postures and to perform inappropriate moves and lifts, which may result in physical fatigue, work-related injuries, and long-term sick leave.

Ensuring a safe, healthy working environment is therefore important to both patients and staff.

A ceiling hoist system from Guldmann is an excellent example of welfare technology that facilitates the performance of everyday hygiene tasks for patient and staff alike

– thus freeing up more time for care procedures.

Products for Hygiene Tasks

The following are products we deem would greatly improve the operation of your hygiene department

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

TENCEL Repositioning

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Disposable Multi Support Sling

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Disposable Twin Turner II

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Disposable Leg Sling II

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Disposable High II

Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Active Micro Plus

Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Systems


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