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At HLS Healthcare we are provide a range of aids to be use to maximise efficiency, provide maximise comfort and dignity for the patent aswell as align with occupational health and safety procedures.

X-Ray departments work with patients referred from their GPs and various wards at the hospital itself.

Some of these are acute patients who, from the perspective of mobility, can be everything from completely independent people to patients requiring a great deal of care, with a limited functional capability and/or motor skills.

X-Ray departments handle a constant flow of people on a daily basis, which means that the staff must be able to switch quickly from one type of patient to another, assessing the need for assistance with or without mechanical aids.

When X-Ray department staff visit wards to take X-Rays of a patient’s lungs, for example, the functional capacity of the patient in question and his/her need for mechanical aids can vary greatly.

Common procedures in radiological departments:

  • Moves from bed/wheelchair to X-Ray table and back
  • Turns
  • Lifting the thorax in connection with chest X-Rays
  • Positioning/repositioning
  • Lifting extremities
  • Mobilising to upright position

Safe, Secure and Always Ready

Guldmann hoist systems are always ready for use and can facilitate and optimise work procedures in X-Ray departments.

Using a ceiling hoist or free-standing lifter helps ensure that all lifts and moves from a wheelchair to the X-Ray table, for example, can be carried out safely and securely.

With a lifting system within easy reach, care staff can be sure of complying with the ergonomic and safety regulations required to maintain a safe working environment and provide the best treatment for the patient.

Products for X-Ray Departments

The following are products we deem would greatly improve the operation of your X-Ray department

Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Systems


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Guldmann Slings & Accessories

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Guldmann Slings & Accessories

Horizontal Lifting

Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Systems


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