What to Look for in a Premium Quality Stand Hoist

What to Look for in a Premium Quality Stand Hoist

Stand Hoist can be a powerful way to enhance independence and ensure comfort for those who need a little help getting around, whether it be for someone with a disability or an elderly individual with mobility issues. The importance of premium quality when it comes to stand hoist selection is paramount, it ensures not only comfort and safety for the user but reduces injury for carers and healthcare professionals.

What are Stand Hoists?

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A stand hoist is a fantastic aid that’s designed for assisting with the care of a limited-mobility care home resident, or individual in need of additional assistance in their day-to-day activities. Stand hoists offer better comfort, security, and flexibility when transferring patients.

What to Look for in a Premium Quality Stand Hoist Supplier

  • Experience and a proven track history of success speaks volumes about what you should expect from your own experience with a stand hoist company. When looking to invest in a premium quality healthcare product, it is our recommendation that you find a company that is knowledgeable enough to guiding you through the whole decision-making, configuration, acquisition and installation process..
  • Company values and ethical responsibility is an important point to be considered when selecting which stand hoist to invest in. We recommend for all customers when investing in healthcare products to look for companies that share your values. This can be evaluated by a companies customer service. First encounters with your potential healthcare companies can be a great indicator as to what you can expect from the organisation during post sale, training and having an enjoyable overall experience.

  • Reliable products made with durable materials solutions. Thorough analysis, combined with your practical know-how, HLS healthcare together with Guldmann solutions are proud to offer one of the best stand hoist solutions on the market, our stand hoists are designed to work with an absolute minimum of “down time” and to last for many years, with very little need for part replacements or maintenance.
  • Lowest total cost over the stand hoists lifetime. The unique stand hoists available from HLS healthcare, the Guldmann hoist solutions are designed to last. This proves customers with the best value for money long term. With the Guldmann stand hoist you invest in a product that will offer you quality today and for years to come.

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Patient Comfort and Carer Protection

Not only are standing hoists excellent aids in providing outstanding patient care, they’re also incredibly effective at reducing carer injury due to lifting or straining. Often, aged care and rehabilitation facilities see a drastic drop in the injuries of their carers once a standing hoist has been installed. And, with the installation assistance and ongoing maintenance help that is provided by the professionals at HLS Healthcare, your standing hoist investment can provide years of use with a very little cost of upkeep.

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Better Care Through Smart Patient Aids

At HLS Healthcare, we’re passionate about offering premium quality stand hoists, as well as fall prevention equipment and patient rotation aids. To learn more about the stand hoists and our other healthcare solutions, contact us today on 1300 931 893.