Why is HLS Healthcare the safer solution for SDA?

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Most of us in the healthcare industry know what SDA is. However as we complete more SDA projects, here at HLS we have become increasingly aware of how much confusion there is around what the ‘right’ solution is. As we know, the Specialist Disability Accommodation program comprises a need to provide assistive technology and equipment. This specialist equipment needs to be accessible and universally designed, and there is no shortage of people who need this equipment in order to cater for their high support needs. The right equipment needs to be provided, or there needs to the allowance for equipment in the future.

As a healthcare company, our main priority is to focus on the overall experience for the customer whilst providing an appropriate solution. HLS have clinical and product based specialist consultants and in-house accredited installers – and we supply quality assurance certificates. HLS is the only provider able to offer whole of life commitments for up to 15 years.

Full compliance under Australian standards is essential, but that is only half the story. What good is a complaint system if it fails to meet the intricate, personalised needs of the user? This is where HLS once again takes a leadership role, offering what we consider to be the best general practice standards across a range of architectural designs or custom solutions. The best results come when we are able to share our knowledge, and work with architects and developers at the earliest design stages to ensure the most effective and efficient methods of installation and product selections are taking place.

HLS Healthcare provides the ‘right’ solution to the SDA organisation by supplying prescribing and supplying high-quality universal equipment at an industry leading level. We have been providing this level of support and design solutions to the SDA program since its initial launch. Our products range from ceiling hoists to accessible room systems, accessibility bathroom equipment, safety rails and height-adjustable furniture.

For more information on SDA equipment, see our Guldmann hoists, Guldmann track systems and our Ropox bathroom equipment.

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Post by Brayden Stehr – Victorian SDA Champion