Will Tech Transform Quality of Care?

Increasingly, experts are beginning to see the value of technology in the healthcare environment. In fact, it seems as though technology has a part to play in various aspects of the health space, from aged care operations to the delivery of crucial services. 

The Aged Care Industry Information Tech council suggests that the right technology has the power to improve the safety and quality of aged care in today’s digital world. However, the growing selection of tech-based solutions for aged support isn’t currently reflected by the funding available for aged care facilities. According to the ACIITC, unless technology becomes an embedded featured in aged care in the months and years to come, the country could miss out on the incredible benefits that tech brings to improving things like quality of life. 

ACCITC chair George Margelis said that the council is keen to work with the government to create a strategic roadmap for funding and investing in care technologies and information for the aged care environment. Dr. Margelis said that the ACIITC believes that the closer collaboration between care providers and the government for the uptake of technology is pivotal. 

Technology Isn’t Being Utilised Correctly

There are many benefits associated with bringing more technology into the aged care environment. For instance, we can use intelligent floor monitoring systems to check when patients are up and out of bed when they should be resting. Mobile tools can help patients to communicate with doctors at a distance, and wearables allow nurses to track vital information in real-time. 

However, currently, Australia isn’t using technology as well as it could be. The ACIITC’s request for more attention to be given to technology in healthcare at this time highlights just how much potential we’re missing out on. For instance, some of the areas that the ACIITC looked at recently include:

  • Technology for monitoring and surveillance
  • Tools for tracking chronic disease
  • Solutions to detect and prevent falls
  • Software for managing medication
  • Options to support people with dementia

The latest report from the ACIITC recommends a range of ways to upgrade the current state of technology in the aged care sector, including state and commonwealth government-funded demonstrations, incentives for technology adoption and more. 

The ACIITC also recommends the development of shared standards and protocols that facilities can use to make the most of the increasing presence of technology in the healthcare space. The group also reiterated calls for a national reporting and data exchange hub that could provide today’s facilities with advanced analytics, business intelligence, and reporting capabilities. 

According to the ACIITC, it’s critical for technology and innovation to be embedded into the heart of the aged care environment, not just considered as an afterthought